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Double Exposure image of Woman holding feather durring a cacao ceremony


This ceremony and the essence that cacao medicine has is the intent on rebirthing the divine love that comes from within yourself and on this beautiful planet earth. Cultivating a rich and nurturing Heart Coherence practice.


Known throughout the Americas as food of the gods;

This ancestral medicinal practice comes from a lineage of ancestral passage to leave a way of connecting with them and to connect with the earth's spirit. This cacao drink is to be drank in the name and honour of the mother earth and all its living creatures.


Within this ceremony we will evoke the spirit of the cacao, the ancestors who are here to guide us and our inner voice and heart. The spirit of the air, the fire, the spirit of the earth &

the spirit of the water.


Cacao is love. It shows you the sweetness that creates us all. The innocence within our paths of this beautiful life that shows us so much along the way. Cacao is our guide and to show us respect for the spirit of the cacao and to all that it has for us to show us from within.


A beautiful cacao ceremony to share with a guided intuitive sound healing journey. A mystical combination of singing and playing instruments are purely intuitive, channeled and brought through from other realms, timelines, and dimensions to assist you in healing. Alongside your transformation and ascension with cacao.


Light Language and reiki will be soothing to help transition any blocks and ease the flow of the loving cacao. 


Let go and let your colourful imagination take you to your ancient guides and ancestors for guidance and support, love, and care. All the answers, healing messages and incredible visions are within you.


A wonderful experience to share with friends and family. Pre wedding day, birthdays, or any special occasion to celebrate a leap in life. The connection is powerful and peaceful and will leave you inspired in so many ways.


Cacao is prepared before and transported in glass containers prepared with intention and prayer prior to the actual ceremony.


A flower mandala will be created to set the tone and energy of the space where the ceremony will take place.


Sageing & copal smoke clearing will be done with each individual and the space.


We will all sit in a circle or semicircle to drink and set intention with cacao & then will be mostly laying down for the sound healing journey.



Total time of ceremony is approximately 1.5-2 hours

At least 45 minutes is needed pre ceremony for setting up.


I look forward to sharing this experience of going within and seeing

light love & beyond with you.


Please get in touch for pricing or any other questions you may have.

Becky B.

“ My boyfriend and I came to Sayulita for relaxation, to celebrate my 40th birthday, and him - soul searching. We both have addictions to certain things that we’ve been working towards moving through. We wanted to do a cacao ceremony/sound healing! So grateful I found Natacha through the web! She is nurturing, safe, knowledgeable, caring and her energy wraps you up in a blanket! She came to our hotel and accommodated all of our needs! It was so beautiful, thoughtful and clearing! Her voice and music so touching. For me a remembering. It’s been one week since and there are no words to describe how transformative our experience was. My boyfriend has stopped smoking cigarettes and I’ve had a change in my taste towards food. I could go on and on! Do yourself a favor if you are looking for a more spiritual Sayulita experience and check her out! "

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