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Natacha Radojevic

About the Founder | Natacha Radojevic 

Natacha has a combined 20 years of experience as an outdoor guide, surf coach, and fitness trainer. Her extensive travels throughout Polynesia have inspired her training style. The love of adventure has taken her to the most amazing surf breaks throughout Cuba, Mexico, Australia, and Canada.

Natacha’s passion is to teach people the connection between mind, body and soul. Her goal is to get her students feeling confident and strong under pressure, physically and mentally. Deeply connecting and trusting their intuition while practicing the power of Hypoxic Water Training, Breathwork and functional exercises creates a transformation to reach their true potential.


  • Water Fitness Instructor/Coach with AFLCA

  • Surf instructor (BCASI)

  • Wilderness first aid

  • Expedition kayak guiding

  • RYS 300 Hours Yoga Alliance at MokSana Yoga Center  

  • Reiki Practitioner 

When you work with me, we spend time discussing where you are coming from, both in physical fitness, familiarity and comfort with water and the ocean, as well as where you are in your mind and soul. We establish your goals, and then work intentionally to achieve them through my offerings of 1 day to multi day sessions together. These may include intuitive sound healing, Breathwork, Yoga, Body Weight Training, Hypoxic Training, Exposure Therapy, or Surf Coaching programs. My offerings include workshops, on-going classes, retreats for both private coaching and in a group setting.


I believe that through the untamed nature of the ocean, matched with the resonance of sound that both these waveforms are capable of unlocking a fierce soul calling and unlimited physical potential.  This is what happened for me and has given me the ability to ride some of the biggest waves of my life, reach my personal athletic goals, all while staying connected, grounded and physically strong.

(Sound Healing & Coaching may be accompanied into your program or experienced separately)

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