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Les séances de guérison par le son peuvent être pour votre retraite, séance personnelle, événement spécial ou yoga où je viens apporter les éléments magiques et curatifs du son.

J'appelle ce projet musical Music For the Heart .

La guérison par le son a toujours été une énorme intrigue pour moi en tant que créateur de musique. Après avoir joué dans divers genres de musique en collaborant avec des musiciens du monde entier, je suis devenu très intéressé par la guérison que les fréquences et les vibrations peuvent offrir comme moyen de se détendre et de se reconnecter à nous-mêmes.


Utilisation d'une belle collection de bols en cristal, de carillons, de shakers, d'instruments à cordes, de flûtes, de boîtes Shruti, de médecine de plumes, de médecine de chant (connue au Mexique sous le nom de Cantos Medicinal), de mantras et de voix. Le voyage musical ouvrira votre cœur en atteignant l'inspiration pour suivre votre intuition, vos rêves et vos désirs d'âme.



Hello dear friends I’m Natacha,

Raised in a blend of cultures with a French mother and Serbian father, surrounded by diverse languages from a young age.
This rich background nurtured a unique library of sounds within me, guiding my approach to music—not through the perfecting of sheet music, but through the feelings and emotions the sounds evoke.

This intuitive bond with sound has shaped my career, taking me on a global journey of musical exploration, from the melodies of the East to the vibrant rhythms of Cuba and Tahiti. To now over 14 years in mexico where my passion for "cantos medicinales" - medicine songs, continue to flourish and bloom.

My philosophy on sound is deeply influenced by the idea that just as environments shape our personalities, soundscapes influence our

well-being. Einstein’s vision of sound frequencies as a future medicine, deeply resonates with me reinforcing my belief in the healing power of sound. With my body as my instrument, I have learned from life itself, the greatest teacher.

My draw to sound healing was made when I discovered the power of mantras 15 years ago it became a true calling and has enabled me to find my voice and inpiar so many others to find there beautiful voices as well. Going within and finding all of our inner wisdom connecting to the field is the energy I love empowering people with.

My journey through sound is my way of connecting with the world, guided by the belief that the human body can channel healing through unique sonic expressions.

Integrating noetic sciences, which studies the mind’s potential and its interactions with the physical environment, deepens this connection. Noetic sciences explores how conscious relates to the world and can manifest physical and emotional healing.

A crucial aspect of this field is heart-brain coherence meditation, which demonstrates the power of aligning our emotional and cognitive processes to foster overall well-being. This practice not only enhances personal health but also connects us deeply with others.

This is what I bring to the world: my sound, my essence, aiming to embrace souls from the inside out with a healing resonance.

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Amanda Foley 

" Natacha is exceptionally talented. She performed a sound bath for me and my now husband on our wedding day. Such a beautiful way to reset our energy and connect. Her voice and instruments allowed the chaos to wash away and we were able to recenter ourselves on what the day meant to us. Natacha was easy to communicate with and a joy to meet. We were blessed to have her be a part of our special day. "

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